Grooming Service Agreement

Grooming Services Agreement

– I confirm my dog(s) has/have all current vaccinations for Bordetella, distemper, Parvo-Virus and rabies.

Older, Ill or Injured Dogs
– I understand senior, ill or injured dogs are at greater risk of harm or injury. Any grooming process may be stressful for them. I agree groomers will only groom these dogs for cleanliness and comfort. Stress may alert me to or cause unknown or inactive conditions to become active and may result in seizures or death. I will not hold groomers or their company responsible for any reactions.


Aggressive Dogs – I will let groomers know if any dog bites, has bitten or is aggressive towards people. I am not aware of  my dogs or animals on my premises posing any threat or danger to people or other groomers. I agree that groomers may stop or refuse services if there is any display of aggression. I agree I will still be responsible for grooming charges and will be responsible for medical expenses if any dog or animal on my premises bites or attacks groomers,


Matted Dogs – If my dog is matted, I authorize groomers to remove mats by shaving or heavy brushing. I know removing mats has risks (nicks, cuts or abrasions). Matting can trap moisture which can cause skin irritation. Mat removal may cause itchiness, skin redness, bald spots and failure of hair to re-grow. I will not hold groomers or their company responsible for any reactions.


Shave Downs – I am aware that shaving may cause coat or skin conditions such as (i) loss of hair growth, (ii) the coat not growing back in the same texture or color, (iii) bald spots, (iv) skin darkening, (v) sunburn – so I won’t leave my dog in the sun, and (vi) irregular coat re-growth (cowlicks).


Flea and Tick Treatments – If I do request my dog(s) be treated for fleas and ticks, I won’t hold groomers or their company responsible for any reactions to those  treatments.


Emergencies – If any emergency arise and I’m not readily available, I authorize groomers to seek veterinary care. Groomers will ask the veterinarian team to call me. I agree that all veterinary services and costs will be my responsibility.


My Statutory Rights to Cancel – Federal laws and the laws in my state give me certain rights to cancel the grooming services I’ve booked – without paying any cancellation fee. I will receive an email detailing my statutory cancellation rights. Generally,  buyers may cancel services any time prior to midnight on the third business day (Right-to-Cancel Window). Depending on the state where I live, this Window may be longer. When I receive the Right to Cancel email, I will carefully review it so I understand my rights.


Cancellation Fees and No-show FeeI know I can still cancel grooming services after the Right to Cancel Window if I give advance notice. After the Right to Cancel Window expires, I can avoid cancellation fees by calling (888) 767-2878 or emailing [email protected]  before the day of the scheduled appointment. I agree to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel on the day of the appointment or if I’m not at home (a no-show) for the appointment. The cancellation fee or no-show fee will be charged on the credit card/debit card on file or I authorize groomers to keep any deposit on file. My giving at least 24 hours’ advance notice of a cancellation or desire to reschedule my appointments gives groomers an opportunity to try to book another client in my stead.     


Quotes are Only Estimates – I understand that (without seeing my dogs) any deposit or any offered discount associated with any initial grooming service or promotional offer is only an estimate. Deposits, discounts and promotional offers will be applied at the time service is provided. Subsequent services will be charged at the then-current rates.

Hold Harmless:   
I agree that groomers and the independently owned and operated company employing them (the “Independent Company”) are not employed by Pet Service Pros LLC dba Curt’s Mobile Groomers or dba or dba (“Pet Service Pros”). I understand groomers and the Independent Companies do not represent Pet Service Pros. I understand that Pet Service Pros LLC dba Curt’s Mobile Grooming, dba and dba merely functions as a bridge – a facilitator connecting dog owners, like me, with Independent Companies that provide dog grooming services. I agree this Grooming Services Agreement is between me and the Independent Company employing groomers. I agree Pet Service Pros is not responsible for any reactions to products used by or any services provided any groomer or any Independent Company – including any harm, injury, property damage, accident or any incident. I agree that all disputes and all claims are between me and the Independent Company employing the groomers. This Grooming Services Agreement may be changed from time to time by way of a new version. My eSignature will be my acceptance.

Consent to Photos, Use on Websites and Social Media Platforms – yes, I give my ongoing consent to groomers to take before, during and after-grooming photos of my dogs. I give my ongoing consent for the Independent Companies and Pet Service Pros, too, to post photos and images of my dogs on their respective websites including (for example) and and also their respective social media platforms. My consent to all these commercial uses by the Independent Companies and by Pet Service Pros is my pleasure and I agree that I will not be compensated. I fully and forever release groomers, the Independent Companies and Pet Service Pros from all claims and all demands relating in any way to its/their use, posting and dissemination of the photos and  images of my dogs everywhere and anywhere at all times.

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