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Grooming 101: How To Keep Your Dog Looking Their Best

At Curt’s Mobile Grooming, we understand how important your canine friend is to you. We know that you want the very best for them. That is precisely why you feed them, play with them, go for walks with them, and take them to the vet. Yet, there is one more thing you can do that can make sure they stay happy, healthy, and beautiful: regular grooming.

Dog grooming can help your dog feel and look their absolute best. First, it can help maintain a well-kept and clean coat which plays a large role in your dog’s overall beauty. Second, this can help prevent uncomfortable and unsightly diseases, infections, and irregularities. As these can severely impact your dog’s overall health, they can directly affect their appearance and demeanour. You may wonder exactly how our mobile dog grooming in Orange County, CA can help you achieve these results. In this short guide, you will learn exactly what happens when we groom your dog and how it keeps them looking gorgeous.

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Checking Ears and Teeth

One of the first things we will check are your dog’s ears and teeth. Whether your canine friend has drop ears, erect ears, semi-pricked ears, button ears, or folded ears, it is a good idea to look for wax build-up, debris, or signs of infection. If necessary, we will clean their ear canals gently with a cotton ball and safe ear cleaning liquid. This small procedure can help prevent uncomfortable ear issues and avoid discharge, blood, or skin issues from forming in and around the ears.

We already know your dog is happy when you take them out for walks in the classic California weather. Yet, you can give them even more to smile about when our dog grooming in Orange County, CA provides teeth brushing. We offer additional complete teeth brushing service with special toothpaste so that your dog has fresh and clean teeth and gums.

Clipping Nails and Pads

Do you get your nails clipped and manicured on a regular basis? Or perhaps you always notice others with beautifully done fingernails and toenails? Treat your dog to a similar pampering treatment and keep their paws and nails in great shape with mobile dog grooming. Clipping your dog’s nails on your own can be intimidating, but our professionals know just how long and how short to cut them. Perfectly trimmed nails reduce the risk of foot injury, and they are an excellent sign your dog is healthy and well taken care of.

Furthermore, we can complete paw pad trimming and cleaning. This will keep them free from debris, rocks, dirt, and mud stuck between the paw pads which can be painful. As people gaze upon your pretty pup, they’ll see pristine paws and a happy, healthy friend.

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Checking the Skin

An essential part of any dog grooming service is to check the skin and coat for evidence of ticks, fleas, skin conditions, or infections. If the skin is red, bumpy, crusty, scaly, flaky, or thickened, this is an indication that something is wrong. Furthermore, ticks and fleas can be hard to spot but our professionals are trained and experienced to know what to look for. In this way, you can catch potentially dangerous issues early on before they become severe.


Naturally, one of the main reasons you may request a mobile dog grooming service is to receive a professional bathing, brushing, combing, and anal sac cleaning. Or our additional deshedding, hair clipping to breed standards, or face trimming services. 

With regular or routine grooming, your dog can benefit from having a healthy, shiny, soft coat. Your pup will not only have tangle-free fur, but they will also have their natural oils distributed evenly throughout their fur and dead and dry skin will be removed.

Likewise, we can help your dog if they have any issues with their coat such as matting. Depending on how matted their fur is, and if it is combined with dirt or other debris, we can use a combination of methods to dematt. we may brush, comb, or shave under the surface fur.

Moreover, there are certain areas on your pooch that may need extra special attention. For instance, if your canine friend is suffering from eye infections or allergies, they may need careful trimming around their eyes. Another common area is around the genitals or anus, where feces, mud, and other debris can sometimes get stuck and matted.

Cleaning in a Warm Hydro-Massage Bath

When you choose Curt’s Mobile Grooming, we want to make sure your dog enjoys a relaxing bath experience while receiving an exceptional clean. While in our hydro-massage bath, the ultrasonic waves mixed with a gentle dog shampoo will massage your dog’s skin, relax their muscles, gently loosen dirt and debris, and wash away the soap easily.

One of the most attractive aspects of a hydro-massage bath is that the water readily mixes with the shampoo, which is carefully selected for proper pH and hypoallergenic skin. Then, the lathery formula pulses through the skin and coat evenly making sure every part of your dog is cleansed. When the shampoo is used up, it’s time for a complete rinse. Your pooch will come out of the spa thoroughly cleansed with a shiny and soft coat.

Blow Drying, Fluffing, and Brushing

After a nice warm bath, there are few things more pleasing than a soft towel rub, a full blow dry, fur fluffing and brushing, and a little spritz of cologne. If your dog is not yet ready to become California’s next top dog model, they will still thoroughly enjoy parading along the sidewalks for the next few weeks looking their very best.

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